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Dick Powers has also made a huge impact on my future by giving me positive recruiting exposure and advice. I am now a collegiate volleyball player due in large part to Dick Powers' instruction and guidance. Dick Powers' knowledge and experience in volleyball are by far the best around.

Dick Powers has given me an advantage over the competition - not only by developing my skills, but also my knowledge for the game. I had the awesome experience to work with Dick Powers this past summer as a camp assistant. During that time, I learned valuable lessons on how to communicate, teach others, build relationships around athletics, and be a positive role-model.  

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Dick Powers, through his Saturday School, Summer Camps, and Volleyball Club, has provided our daughter with specific fundamental volleyball skill development opportunities.Dick brings a no-nonsense approach, backed by years of experience, continued study, and a genuine love of the sport, to each training opportunity.  

He focuses on providing a positive learning and training environment by clearly establishing expectations, demonstrating skills, and then reinforcing correct execution. 

Dick Powers revived [our daughter's] love of the game and brought back the joy that she had experienced the first year she played. Our daughter received excellent training as a result of her association with Dick Powers Volleyball - in Powers Volleyball Club, Saturday Schools, and camps.  

This training was not available to her anywhere else in this area. We have absolutely no doubt that our daughter would not be where she is today if it weren't for Dick Powers.