Care to Be Your Best !
  • Prevent Needless Injuries 
  • Play More Efficiently and Productively
  • Play with Confidence and Consistency 
  • Develop Critical Skills that allow for advanced strategies and playing
What's Different about our training?
"Dick Powers' knowledge and experience in volleyball are by far the best around."  

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College Recruiting
Small Group Training
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"Our daughter had played with another club for five years prior to joining Powers. 

We truly feel she received the best instruction from Powers."  

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At Dick Powers Volleyball, we understand the way athletes LEARN.  Yes, we are coaches and First we're Teachers and Trainers.  We guarantee that all athletes will work hard/smart and be provided opportunities to improve. 
  • Critical skill footwork patterns
  • Overcoming poor training habits
  • Improving healthy habits
  • Safe arm-swing mechanics
  • Knee-injury prevention training
  • Increased ball control success
  • On-court leadership
  • Internal training systems
  • Advanced training guidance
  • Enhanced learning progress
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Dick Powers
Philosophy of Teaching & Coaching 

2020 Dick Powers Volleyball 

Statement from Dick Powers
Founder and Director of Dick Powers Volleyball and Powers Human Development:

Thank You for coming to our website.  
Due to one of my daughters, Paige Powers 2022, being involved in Volleyball for four years, I have observed many good evolutionary aspects of the sport along with areas of concern - especially in appropriate development and outcomes.

In Dick Powers Volleyball, we teach and advance the necessary elemental aspects of footwork, ball control, volleyball knowledge, sport politics, effective and safe play, mental durability, individual self-worth and value, true confidence, team orientation, and the forever progression towards the attainment of being considered - in sports and in life,      A High Performance Athlete and Person.

2020 Dick Powers Volleyball Opportunities 
Registration Available Week of November 15, 2019
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All athletes will work directly with Coach Dick Powers, Role Models, and Training Partners in small group settings which will provide Professional Individualized Teaching, Training, and Coaching in the development and advancement.  

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From "Effective First Steps" through Collegiate Recruiting

Parents and Coaches Are Welcomed to Observe !

"You not only made me a better player, you also made me a better student, teacher, coach and person! You will never know the appreciation that I have for you. "
“I was fortunate to have Dick Powers and his awesome staff train me on the biomechanics of volleyball starting at an early age.

 Now as an adult and practicing chiropractor I look back and I am eternally thankful for that training. Safety and technique were always a top priority which meant injuries in his camps and clubs were minimal.

 In practice I frequently treat volleyball players with injuries that would have been preventable with proper training, like that I received from Dick.

 If you are looking for a camp or club team that puts proper mechanics, technique and safety first, then Dick Powers is the way to go! ”
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