Volleyball is one of the most exciting, popular and challenging        sports in the world today!

High quality training in the critical skills of volleyball help athletes, coaches, and parents:

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  • Prevent Needless Injuries 
  • Play More Efficiently and Productively
  • Play with Confidence and Consistency 
  • Develop Critical Skills that allow for advanced strategies and playing
What's Different about our training?
"Dick Powers' knowledge and experience in volleyball are by far the best around."  

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"Our daughter had played with another club for five years prior to joining Powers. 

We truly feel she received the best instruction from Powers."  

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At Dick Powers Volleyball, we understand the way young athletes LEARN.  We're not just coaches, we're teachers first.  We guarantee our results in:
Critical skill footwork patterns
Overcoming poor training habits
Improving healthy habits
Safe arm-swing mechanics
Knee-injury prevention training
Increased ball control success
On-court leadership
Internal training systems
Advanced training guidance
Enhanced learning progress
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As preparations are being finalized for upcoming 2017 Late Winter and Spring Dick Powers Volleyball Training Programs, please do read the following "story" and then take a look at the links below. 

The Dick Powers Volleyball Story - 1971 - Present

     In the fall of 1971, "Powers" saw his first glimpse of Division 1 Politics in baseball at Ball State University and decided, "What the heck." "I have a tuition scholarship for academics, don't have to play ball for it, and want to do something at Ball State other than go to class.
     Powers knew of Ball State Men's Volleyball due to conversations with former players, Larry Duncan and Mick Haley.
     In October of 1971, Dick Powers, knocked on Dr. Shondell's office door in "Men's Gymnasium'" in the Men's Athletic Department (Pre Title IX) and asked the man sitting at the desk if he was Dr. Shondell.  During this initial meeting with Dr. Shondell, Dick Powers became *"Powers."
     When Dr. Shondell asked Dick Powers in their first meeting if he knew how to play volleyball and had he ever played, "Powers" answered, "No."
     *"Powers" as Dr. Shondell still calls him (none of the Ball State Men's Volleyball Program's members have first names - to this day) he was told what he could expect, and then was provided the opportunities to qualify for learning how to play volleyball and how to play on a volleyball team beginning Winter Quarter 1971-72.
     In early December of 1971, “Powers” had enrolled in a P. E. course, Volleyball. He thought that might be a good idea - since he didn’t really know how to play volleyball and with 65 guys trying out for the Men’s Volleyball Freshman Team and only 18 to be kept four months later, Powers thought it might help him “make it.” 
     Within the first month of the P. E. class, Instructor Freeman made Powers a deal that - if "Powers" would teach the class, Instructor Freeman would give "Powers" an "A" in the class. 
     "Powers" got the "A," went on to learn a lot about teaching, learning, art, music, math, nutrition, physiology, language arts, volleyball, confidence and success during his following years at Ball State and even got to study Open Education in England during his junior year.  
   In March of 1972 as the Freshman Ball State Men’s Volleyball Team walked into the old St. John's Arena at Ohio State with a starting Primary Passer and Left Side Attacker named "Powers" – he thought this volleyball thing was "OK." 

And, the rest is history - Please see below.

Coach "Powers" looks forward to helping You be the Best You Can Be - Y E S ! 

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Click Here for DPV Memories - less than 2 minutes from a few weeks of summer DPV Guts Camps, 
some Club pictures, and many smiles
To see examples of DPV Training, Team Curriculia, 
DPV Skills Tutorial (26 minutes), Team Golden Rules, Offense and Defense 
 Click Here for VolleyEye by Dick Powers Volleyball (YouTube)
Click Here for Dick Powers Volleyball (YouTube)

More DPV Training Coming Up - Keep Looking at website for updates.

To Receive First Registration Opportunities for Upcoming DPV, make sure your email address(es) is on file with DPV. If not sure, send an email to powersvolleyball@outlook.com indicating your interest in being on DPV Mailing List.  

Your Outcome Goals for Training with Dick Powers Volleyball
Make Your Highest Available School, Club, and Collegiate Team,
Get to Play, Get to Start, Get to Play All The Time
Be Nominated by Your Coaching Staff for Post Season Recognition(s)
Earn Your First Varsity Letter
Pursue Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic Play
Care to Be Your Best - Y E S !
Please Note: Below are programs intended to become available in 2017.  Click on the "Learn more" links to see the history of what's upcoming.  The information in the Credentials Philosophy Teaching box is current.  
As we say, "From Your First Successful Serve over the Net Through Your Collegiate Career - Y E S !